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Eva Damali was born in the art and design field. Her purpose is to live the everyday life of every woman. To accompany her from the moment she starts her day until the time she will look for her keys to lock away her thoughts. Sometimes, discreetly, in the hands of a woman with a personality, she will add style to her appearance and sometimes she will bear witness to her love for luxury and good taste. The timelessness of the quality of materials and the uniqueness of art is a cocktail that only Eva Damali knows how to prepare you for.

If you are a fan of quality and timeless style, then Eva Damali is undoubtedly the missing piece of your wardrobe! Manufactured entirely by hand from the first stage of production to the final touch! Using only genuine skins, from Tuscany's area (Italy) which is famous for its skins and inspired to keep their charm forever. We welcome you to the world of Eva Damali, let yourself travel with her, it is certain that her creations will take their place next to you.

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